My Review of “Get Lenin” by Robert Craven

I sent this review to Amazon after the author placed a very nice 4 star review about my novel “The Vril Codex” so i thought I would return the favour…

here it is…

“Engrossing read with superb narrative…

I thoroughly enjoyed Get Lenin. From the start you have a superb series of vividly described characters and the scene is set superbly. As a spy thriller I feel the strength of this novel is that it is easy to read. Too often spy thrillers can be difficult to read. This isn’t. The plot of stealing Lenin’s body is unique and I felt it certainly would be a superb TV film or series. I hope this is adapted to a script one day. Eva Molenaar is a wonderful sexy heroin and i pictured Yvette played by Jan Francis in the old BBC series “Secret army” I also felt like I was reading something with a hint of “Smiley” (Alec Guinness) or “Colditz” – two other great BBC productions. My only minor gripe is that after a sensational beginning and middle that the end slightly paled in comparison but that is a minor quibble on my part. Overall i loved the narrative – you really feel transported to the time it is set and i enjoyed the attention to detail in describing the then modes of communication and espionage techniques. I have the sequel also, which speaks volumes…well done.”

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