Robert Craven’s review…

Here is a link to “Get Lenin”  Zinnman the sequel is recommended too…

Below is the authors review of my novel..

Surprisingly good read!

Ben Manning’s Vril codex is an entertaining mash-up of various post-war Nazi conspiracies, paranormal beliefs and Gothic prose in a writing style steeped in the 1970’s – Dennis Spooner, James Herbert and Frederick Forsyth spring to mind. It opens with the death of a burglar in modern-day Berlin, teeing up the mysterious forces that journalist Jane Wilkinson and her husband Bob encounter while on assignment in Berlin. She spots an eminent British architect boarding a private jet that belongs to one Mr Steiner and uncovers a conspiracy revolving around the Vril Codex; a bible of dark magic that Himmler spent his time trying to locate. As she delves deeper, she is dragged into a mire of intrigue and terror. Every scene is well set up and the plot clips neatly along, though occasionally a thread or two drifts off along the way. Another minor observation is that some of the Englishness and references to English journalists might be lost on American readers. Apart from that – well done.



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