Zinnman Review

Below is my review for Robert Craven’s novel “Zinnman” which is featured in the amazon online shop. I am indebted to Craven who has always supported and been an admirer of the vril codex project.

“I really enjoyed “Zinnman” – As I write this review I struggle not giving it 5 stars (4 and a half would be more accurate) simply because it cant surpass “Get Lenin” but then as companion pieces they compliment each other beautifully and i love the exciting cliffhanger leaving us on the edge of our seats for Vol 3 in the series.
The characters follow on from vol 1 brilliantly – we have eva Mollenaar – a captivating sexy film noir character if ever there was one as well as the traditional style characters such as Chainbridge. Overall in style the writing is strong in desciptive narrative and rounded prose on the characters.

For me this difers slightly from lenin in that we get a lot of a action sequenses that remind me of a “where eagles dare” with Richard Burton, or a classic war film (A Bridge too far), and the type of thriller featuring a bespectacled Michael Caine in the lead role. However it also has a style similar to underrated films such as “the whistleblower” and “the fourth protocol” as an espionage thriller in the le carre vien as was the case with Get Lenin. Despite the classic vintage of actors i have mentioned I can also imagine an up to date filming of this with Max Beesley or David Tenant in the lead roles and it would also work excellently, for while it is a traditional genre it is also timeless and perfectly adaptable for 2013. I loved the almost esoteric premise of lenin in terms of smuggling Lenins body, but in Zinnman we have a harder more realist approach which Craven never strays from in striving for a well crafted factually based novel – so he doesnt go off topic and explore speculative themes, he sticks with the facts as we know them such as code breaking and super nazi weapons. It is the latter that Craven explores – the advanced weapon that is a nazi plan that has to be challenged by the allies . We continue following the intertangled dramas of Eva’s lovelife through to the eccentric actions of her coleagues which all leads us to a thrilling cinematic conclusion involving the Zinnman rocket program. recommended. well done to Taylor Street – an emerging publisher, for showcasing Craven. ”


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