The Champion…

Presented here is a recording of a radio play Radio 4 Saturday night theatre production  -A dramatisation by Martin Worth of the life of W.G GRACE “THE CHAMPION” .  It has not been broadcast for 26 years and as a rarity needed to be preserved and also reach a wide audience once more – hence my sharing it.  I restored it by removing radio interference and tape hiss. 

Its a well-researched biographical play by Martin Worth about the life of Dr. W.G.Grace, the world’s most famous cricketer. An interesting comment on the social history of the times … Grace was well-paid on the tour, but it wasn’t so easy for some of his working-class team mates…and don’t forget that this was when amateurs and professionals entered the ground by different gates.

With Timothy Spall as W.G., Zela Clark as Agnes, Diana Ohlson as Martha, Julie Berry as Fanny, Richard Durden as Edward, Trevor Nichols as Fred, Paul Chapman as Lord Harris, Sue Broomfield as Lucy, Alan Thompson as Babcock, Struan Rodger as Alfred Shaw, Jonathan Cullen as Gilbert, Jill Lidstone as Bessie. Also in cast: Andrew Branch, Alan Dudley, Davbid Goodland, Paul Gregory, Stephen Harold, Brian Hewlett, Tim Reynolds, Paul Russell, Stephen Thorne, Ian Thompson. Directed by Jane Morgan.

At the end is the first few minutes of “The Amazing Test Match Crime” by Adrian Alington R4 BBC Play narrated by Brian Johnston.  Sadly I only have this brief excerpt.  This play is as rare as the champion and I hope radio 4 extra unearth it along with the champion.  The book is easilly available.  I cannot find a novel of the champion.


3 thoughts on “The Champion…

  1. Ben I can, in fact I already have, upload the complete The Amazing Test Match Crime for you to a file host. I don’t want to give the link in a public website though where anybody can see it.
    I have to give an email to post this. But I don’t know if you can read that email. There’s also an option which I have ticked – ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’. If you reply here I’ll get an email notification. We should be able to work something out.

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