My VRIL CODEX Supernatural Thriller, Gothic Horror Books…BBC/ Cricket Radio fun

I recently got some great comments on VC from Finnish DEATH METAL Band VRIL TECHDEATH!

Before Anthony Hilder got into UFO’s this was his scene!

22222  “The Vril Codex” was the first contemporary novel on Vril, pre dating others and being a modern gothic update on the 19th Century Bullwer Lytton Novel.  In an odd way this also made it the first actual novel on Vril since the 2nd world war.  It took its inspiration from Dennis Wheatley and shows like Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected (I have included the Sea Turtle Tale as it inspired my published poem).  It did get some great reviews as a little cult novel and what was oddest of all was when I got a phone call about the book from famed conspiracy theorist and former Beach Boys style surf musician Anthony J Hilder, from the leading 60’s Santa Monica Band, The Ventures.  Their music was featured in Pulp Fiction. One day I got a call from his assistant recommending a meeting in Glastonbury perhaps one day to discuss the reality of Vril and UFO’s!  I found it all surreal as to me it was all fantasy.  Then I got a call from the man himself.  He had a melodic rambling voice and ranted rather like a character in my novel “You know the truth i can see that.  Clearly you know about Alien disclosure UFO”s and NASA covering all this up?  Fantastic!  We need to meet”. He rang from California and seemed very passionate about the subject of government cover ups, UFO’s aliens, Secret Gov Programs and the reality of “Vril” being VERY real.  He even seemed to think perhaps I had personal experience of aliens and Vril and old Nazi’s!  I replied no…but thanked him for calling but that really I had only cooked it up after reading old books in my family collection like “The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail” and “The Morning of the Magicians”.  I also discovered an extraordinary book called The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple (NEW Evidence of Alien contact 5,000 years ago).  The conversation chills me to this day…but I also laugh at what a surreal character he was wildly talking of UFO’s and strange ancient Astronaut legend being real and how NASA had covered it up as Astronauts had found evidence of human and alien visits to the moon long before official records… 

Sadly he passed away soon after…In his honor as my books most extraordinary reader I have included The Ventures most famous (Pulp Fiction used it) 60’s hit!

My guided tour volunteering at the poet Coleridge’s home in Nether Stowey (to help save it) led to a poetry and music performance at the Beautiful Days performing arts festival (a mini Glasto) and my writing is at Roald Dahl’s museum as a result after being published in the Respected Coleridge Journal (coleridge bulletin).

I also met Ralph Hoyte at this time who I tried to get involved in my cause to save Alfoxton, where the great romantic artists lived.  We both met regularly regarding his projects.  He was recently on BBC R3.  This in turn encouraged me as i was house bound due to health to rather than follow my true music passions to instead write novels reflecting my many psychic experiences in connection with my palmist Grandmother.  My family is unusual – my gran met everyone as a Harley St practitioner from famous actors to NASA Astronauts and knew many figures in the music industry.  Her father was a brilliant poet teacher and musician and he was in New Orleans During the Jazz era.  He also as a Fabian Society Founder.  My Great gran was a trained opera singer who I was often told would have been destined for stardom as she was offered a top agent only to be discouraged by the aforementioned musical relative of mine.  Uncle Jim was even in Russia during the revolution, New Orleans during the Jazz era and was both a teacher and local counsellor in the East End of London (where my old mum was born ) local politician knowing HG Wells the famous writer as a founding fabian Labour member in the early 20th century. Tragically the priceless proof of all this was burned by my senile great gran when she was 86.  Beyond all comprehensible tragedy was the Russian Journals I never even saw…it haunts me still…I was often told the story how he was often left money laying around in places to find not as gifts but as entrapment as a thief to be fired.  All because as a poorer working class man he knew more about poetry history and music than his “Lord” boss.  He even to prove a point drove a blade through a coin into the floorboards with sheer anger and force to anger and confuse the bosses, and confound the most powerful one of all trying to set him up because he had more genuine power through knowledge.  Very punk rock in 1931!!  A rich boss who was jealous of my great grandfathers superior knowledge basically.   

Back in 2012 I was Recommended on “The Examiner” site not with my main VRIL CODEX books but “The Utopiate Complex”…which was A dystopian 1984 style experimental fantasy that reached high ratings. My sadly defunct Jukepop Serials Book – The Utopiate Complex was experimental literature and its limited audience of a few hundred gave mixed but fun feedback – whereas my novel VRIL CODEX being a gothic horror reached both BBC radio and even a horror film Magazine. My supernatural thriller novel Vril Codex (and its follow up VC 2 Dresden Benefactor- now amalgamated and soon to be published) was the first contemporary novel on the subject and sold really well on amazon as well as hopefully inspiring some releases.  I enjoyed writing it as it hadnt really been done and in a Michael Moorcock/Hawkwind Or Gary Numan way, I loved the steampunk and Sci Fi imagery in terms of both the writing and the possible concepts for Vril Codex in Music, Games, or Film.  I adored conspiracy theories on the supernatural ghosts and UFO’S so rather like a flock of seagulls album or a Bowie or Numan one i find such imagery very inspirational.  Since Covid sadly the conspiracy field for me has been sadly ruined.  It was more fun in the old days (pre 2020).  

My passion for saving Alfoxton Manor House – (the former home of Poet William Wordsworth, while Coleridge lived nearby locally) led to a fun little film i wrote and presented and which featured an extraordinary music score by Richard Hill featuring famous actor Ben Kingsley.  Richard, was a good friend to me and was closely involved with the campaign which led to the building being bought and saved.  Richard worked under George Solti and Leonard Bernstein.


I thought id link to a rather nice blog post by the STRANGLERS about a tragic tale in Somerset where I lived for many years.  I stayed in a Hotel near Bath used by the Men in Black a few times and found out this tale about “Tuckers Grave” (which they wrote a song about) while there, nearby. The song is posted above.  I am not aware of any GHOSTLY Haunting.  But It reminds me of the very Sleepy Hollow style name of a local spot called “Dear Woman’s Ditch” in Somerset near where I lived for years where there is a GHOST so I am including a link to the late great historian, (and expert on Scarlatti and Bach and a great friend of mine ) David Worthy’s historical account.   Perhaps the strange tale could be put to music and film?  Above again I have included my fave BACH Uplifting Concerto with a melody like a Beatles song that never leaves you and constantly cheers.  Apparently rather like a lost Beatles album never heard, Wordsworth wrote a lost epic poem with the great poet Coleridge on Dead Woman’s Ditch and the Murder which led to a Haunting?







 Some of my old cricket fan shows sound like surreal parody of TMS –  remember it was a CB Radio style bit of fan fun- not to be taken seriously…They usually feature hilarious cricket expert and wonderful character Julian Cattanach – an extraordinary brilliant funny eccentric former Ground PA at Taunton Cricket ground.  Eventually my appearance for the BBC earned me the honor as a short lived “journalist” (although i was little more than a one off guest) to attend the funeral of Christopher Martin Jenkins – at St Paul’s Cathedral, attended by the likes of Sir Tim Rice.   

As a kid i was an obsessive and instead of football i was serious about being a cricketer until my health put an end to it.  So guesting on the BBC as something of an outsider was surreal fun!  After the cricket bits below do enjoy Rory Bremner’s comedy record merging the classic Paul Hardcastle record with a cricket parody.  Oddly and in a surreal manner I once met RORY BREMNER on a bus in the Kings Road…On introducing myself and my love of his cricket comedy shows he decided to not only do an impression on a deserted bus sounding like a parrot to my face – but it was of ME!  Then he decided to do Boycott and I laughed my way off the bus…Very surreal.  Other than the subject title I have no connection with Ray Davies other than walking passed him once as a child in Baker St!  

Here is my 2012 occasional talk show monologue/ phone in. On the same network (BlogTalkRadio) “Eclectic Authors Showcase” on which i was interviewed by the sadly late Author Gordon Osmond in 2012. (New York Times Obituary

…Here is an old hobby- a weekly “Radio” show – the “World Cricket Show” …GREAT MEMORIES… I had some famous guests including local hilarious eccentric cricket genius Julian Cattanach – the best knowledge on Cricket I have ever met and a great conversationalist mimic and comedian, he is worth listening to alone.   As a fan it was ahead of its time- As fan networks are common – but it was unheard of in 2011!  This was a fun hobby and a bit of pundit mimic parody in many ways.  Though unintentional as a broadcasting hobby.  As a short lived sport pundit it was wonderful meeting celebs and cricketers at the BBC.

As a muso it is a pity to see so many musicians talk Football more – Noel Gallagher of Oasis Rod Stewart ect- THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS! (Hugh of the stranglers for example)

I thought I would include a interesting Pink Floyd Cricket team Photo. Many years ago I knew a musician who played with both Dave Gilmour and Syd Barrett – Mike Tinsley- he was married to the late local Artist Bernadette who painted the picture pencil sketch on my blog used here as well as the colored pastels one with the UFO.  My other Floyd connection is from my sound engineer friend Keiran Walsh who knows Gilmour personally and one morning they were on Brighton Beach and Dave was playing for Keiran a riff from “Wish you were here” only for some kid to shout “that sounds like Pink Floyd” to which Dave replied – “I AM PINK FLOYD”! 

A still from me acting as Ray in Peter Thorndike’s zombie movie. Apparently he works with Human Centipedes these days!

LYRICS THE KINKS AND RAY DAVIES – “Some people say that life is a game, well if this is so
I’d like to know the rules on which this game of life is based.
I know of no game more fitting than the age old game of cricket
It has honour, it has character and it’s British.
Now God laid down the rules of life when he wrote those Ten Commandments
And to cricket those ten same rules shall apply.
Show compassion and self-righteousness and be honest above all
And come to God’s call with bat and ball.Now the Devil has a player and he’s called the Demon Bowler,
He’s shrewd, he’s rude and he’s wicked.
He is sent by Sinful Satan and he’s out to take your wicket
And you know that that’s not cricket.
He’ll baffle you with googlies with leg breaks and offspin
But keep a level head and don’t let that demon in.
So keep a straight bat at all times, let the Bible be your guide
And you’ll get by, yes you’ll get by.All through your life he’ll try to bowl you out
Beware the Demon bowler.
He’s crafty and deceitful and he’ll try to L.B.W.,
And bowl a maiden over.
The Devil takes the weak in spirit and so we must always be courageous
And remember that God is on your side.
So keep old Satan in your sights and play the straight and narrow line
And you’ll get by, yes you’ll get by.”

Sadly no personal connection to the following other than it seems a natural progression from the Kinks and a cricket music concept…


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