My Singular Adventures in Music…a Musical Memoir

Welcome to my obsessive world of music. A world populated by at least 500 records of all genres in my massive collection which includes everything from Jazz to Classical, Heavy Metal to Electronica. To be honest I dont really believe in Genre. If its good i listen anyway and lets face it all music is linked anyway. Whilst I am no great musician myself I place it as my passion. I do own a rather fab 1978 Stylophone which with any luck shall make its way on to these pages somehow. My rarest record I own is probably Ike White’s Changin Times promo ltd ed from 1976… I did manage to get a lesson from Dave mason’s guitarist Gary Bruno so any excuse for some Mason!

I once hitched to Scotland to see Paul Weller Prodigy, Verve ect at T in the park in 1995 and on the way I met a huge welsh fellow – he reminded me of that huge Fantastic Four Character – anyway he claimed to have been Freddie Mercury’s bouncer…and then on the way back a Sunday Times Music journalist got me all the way back to Bristol. He said he had been THE Music journalist for the Times newspaper in London back in the 1970’S and was there for Bob Marley and the Wailers back in 1977! I well remember this silver haired chap in the Mercedes but who? Sadly I was so young that his finer details have faded but I remember his upper class accent and how he joked that if you look at the footage at the Rainbow he can be spotted as he stood out somewhat from the rest attending! So in honour of a music festival Hitchiker’s memory of Freddie’s bouncer and Marley’s Times journo I have included two classics!

Pictured is me with Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden. Of course Iron Maiden did set Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner to Music so seems a nice connection with my efforts through film and music to save the great poets former house as a lifelong fan of all things romantic literature/music, from Coleridge to Beethoven…My Thriller novel Vril Codex recently found a surprising audience – death metal band Vril Techdeath! With regard to Beethoven I found great solace at a time of loss to attend the annual PROMS Royal Albert Hall concerts and once attended every day for three months! I lived in Barnes and was able to get the daily fiver ticket to enjoy everything from Haydn to Debussy to Gershwin to Bach…I also that year visited Vivaldi’s birthplace of Venice. In Barnes I would walk past Gustav Holtz’s house daily with its blue plaque by the river. I have always loved “THE PLANETS” thats influenced so much and the Hammersmith symphony of course. I even had tea with his ghost one day…(Just Kidding!). In more recent years I can count seeing “Holy Holy”. out in the USA to be very memorable too as they featured David Bowie’s Spider from Mars drummer Woody who I not only met and chatted to but with whom i discussed David and their last meeting. He was a great Northern Man very down to earth. Brian Eno was also there along with Martyn Ware from Heaven 17. I made him laugh telling him I had named my dog Betty Bowie as she had two different colored eyes and i was given her the week he died, which is true.

In the mid nineties I hitched up and down the land as an arts school student to festivals like Glastonbury and ones everywhere from Stratford (Shakespeare’s Home) to Scotlands T in the Park seeing Weller for the Upteenth time and meeting the band. As i saw Iggy Pop at Stratford here he is…with an early influential Punky classic. Its nice Dogs in the title, but its not quite the meaning im thinking!

Music has always been my main driving passion, perhaps hiding it behind my other interests i felt i was better at. However music connected them all in a funny way.I was at the Beethoven Prom in the videos posted below. It is a shame I cannot post phone videos of intimate concerts I attended as a music writer for a local paper and website when i was at Art school in Bournemouth – if time travel were possible i could have related interviews, photos videos, but sadly other than the odd email letter or photo ive little proof but I saw so many bands for free. Yes, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene, Portishead, Carleen Anderson, Warm Jets, My Life Story. Spending the evening with Subcircus, who supported Radiohead…All bands I got to meet and see up close in a very small Uni venue called “The Old Fire Station” in Bournemouth. Most were unheard of Like Sneaker Pimps but sometimes I got to see or meet the likes of Hawkwind. At one point i had my own club night with music DJ’s covering 60s 70s and 80s/90’s classics called “Britpack” during the Britpop era. With regard to music journalism, Sadly the paper went bust! Once again in the words of Harold Steptoe…”Just my BLEEDIN LUCK”! But they did teach me technology skills of gaming and as a result at a technology fair in London in 1998 at Olympia I met Roger Taylor of Queen looking very stressed surrounded by girls half his age! A few years later I lived near Brian May and got his autograph via a local shopkeeper (called May Wong from Malaysia who knew who my friend Jeff Ong – the Malaysian Olympic swimmer, who I had met at work and who introduced me to David Bowie’s Publicist ) and she had told me he constantly visited as I had heard he was local though i never met him i got my momento. I had only found out he lived in Barnes after another musician friend I met through James of the BETA BAND called Max Waters – No relation of Roger – had told me Brian was local. Max’s brother was or rather is the famous dance outfit KINOBE. As for Brian May if I had met him and not Roger i would have asked him if he is the reincarnation of William Herschel the famed Astronomer! As Hershel’s first passion back in 1797 was music whereas Brian May’s in 1997 or 2121 for that matter…its Astronomy…I bet he was gutted when they closed the Planetarium! Just as I was when the developers heartlessly knocked down the 1930’s EARLS COURT venue where I saw both Foo Fighters and Duran Duran for free. As I shook Roger Taylor’s hand in 1998 my 12 year old self was so excited -though the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen had long since dominated my music listening leading me to see the Bunnymen at Glasto and Ian Macca shouting abuse to the front even calling me “long hair”!… Below is a 1981 rarity by Will from the Bunnymen which oddly I found in California of all places in 2020.

America and Crosby Stills and Nash albums seemed to be all i would find along with to my surprise Dave Mason. REDBONE’s POTLATCH album as a native indian rock band was a great find which i might review here.

While there I also met an ex girlfriend of Bono of whom she said is a shy man when it comes to industry events which warmed me to him as U2 are a great band though personally I have always thought they owe a huge debt to STUART ADAMSON of whom they owe a great debt from Big Country and Skids…I saw U2 in 1997 at the sadly demolished Wembley football stadium. It was an impressive spectacle with spinal Tap huge Gary Numan style sets but it was great fun but at odds with the small gigs by brilliant bands i was seeing like Ocean Colour Scene at the Old Fire Station. I remember being stood a few feet away from Steve Craddock and have never been quite so near a performing guitarist and it was very powerful as a performance and lives with me to this day…

Back to U2 – It was grossly impersonal but i glad i went. I got a free ticket anyway as in those days i had the gift of the gab. They always did best out of all those 80’s post punk new wave connected bands in the USA (Same with Flock of Seagulls who were very badly treated by the Brit music press) which in U2’s case I do feel is connected with the Irish American Kennedy type connection. I was surprised how often i would get mentions of Irish heritage out there- more than any other. So perhaps thats part of the attraction. When I was out in Cali I met a friend of his who shall remain nameless who did highlight a very unfortunate fact about THE EDGE which appalled me given the environmental Green image of the band when she told me the Edge bought some beautiful scenery full of wildlife and trashed it to make a (I wish I could say “Space Bypass” A’la Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” but sadly I cannot) development of luxury millionaire homes in Corona Del Mar. Not very environmental. I am a fan regardless of the music.

Also whilst there in Costa Mesa i met an ex of Chris Cornell’s from Soundgarden and Dave Wakeling of the Beat lived locally though sadly i never saw his version of the English Beat as they call themselves playing which was sad as he usually played tiny venues there he would never back home. So I have included Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) as it reminds me of Cali at its worst and then the greatest song ever written on psychological abuse called Mirror in the Bathroom, which to my ears always had a Phil Spector element in the epic feel. Also here is a surreal Poetry piece which I found on vinyl in the States. It is a classic California Hippie sounding piece of spoken word, however I do love the melody and its a very evocative piece rather like Iron Butterfly as US Psychedelia rather than the Syd Barrett alternative over here. It makes one wonder how romantic poets like Coleridge must have sounded performing as he sometimes did to music such as an Aeolian Harp which was used so well in the Exorcist and sounds rather like a synth.

I have fond memories of Portishead as I am a fan but I will never forget the crowd crush at a Portishead concert at Glastonbury Fest. The Portishead concert (which was great) was a bit marred for me by the crush which was very well covered up – with todays social media it would be impossible- but a number of people nearly suffocated but it was worth it…living dangerously was the fun! In slightly tongue in cheek retaliation this Lalo classic is included. Also I remember seeing a small SUPERGRASS gig in one of the tents and meeting Mickey’s girlfriend a wonderful Essex accent I think is all I remember and what a laugh Mickey was so here’s a classic by them. I remember reading somewhere that the writers of the MONKEES TV show 30 years on approached them for a series but they turned it down.

Evan Dando of the Lemonheads appeared with a acoustic guitar and shared the same stage after Portishead and generally spat at the audience and the instruments threw plastic bottles at the crowd and swore and then was gone. Great moment though very Kurt Cobain!! I remember wishing he had sung this slightly Byrds/Beatles tinged 90’s classic.

As a small child I was always music mad having been in pop videos at drama school and discovering the family Motown collection and hearing stories from my great Grandmother how she was offered a top contract by a world famous opera singer promoter only for her to back out due to her husband. The man in question – my great great grandfather – saw New Orleans as a young sailor and the jazz age dawn. Years later in 2000 when i moved to london i worked at English National Opera FOH and enjoyed my old nans fave – Magic Flute – every night! Unfortunately my worst musical memoir to relate is the concerts I have missed that i had tickets for – I wont go into the reasons but one was Kraftwerk and the Adam Ant the other Bryan Ferry. All icons I always wanted to see. But generally I cant grumble!

3 Years later i was grey overnight! Pictured posing (!) In my Bournemouth Art school funded Poole music folk Festival T shirt- which i helped organize as part of my course.
Inspiral Carpets signed back in 94 at Glastonbury

I have always loved singing, not that I am any good, but I started as a choirboy at St Mary Abbots School In Kensington when I was 8 under, along with many other kids, the possible care of a pre famous Princess DIana Chaparone.

Back in 1994 as a kid i sang so loudly at a tent performance at Glastonbury by Difford and Tillbrook and Squeeze that the concert was stopped three times!! Glen Tillbrook (and I wonder to this day if the concert was recorded) shouted pointing at me at the front during “tempted”

“Oi you! Bloody Gypsy King come up here and sing then…only kidding”! I was so out of it Id have probably done it! I still have Paul Weller’s signed drumstick i caught when his drummer Steve White threw it at the crowd at the front. Thats when i was photographed (I had no idea) by the Sunday Times. I also grabbed Paul’s set list…

I am working with ESTHER HOPKINS – an extraordinary multi talented Music composer on a series of Music projects using my vocals for spoken word poetic pieces lyrics/ poems set to music by myself and primarily Esther Hopkins. 

Hopkins was taught by

Nainita Desai at Goldsmiths.

Esther studied first at Bath Spa (that’s where she knew Olivier Messiaen’s grand daughter, then went onto the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff which is part
of the group of Royal colleges.

Interesting fact! Hopkins is related to a member of the Dudley Moore Trio…Pete Morgan- as a Moore fan i had to mention that fact! The project will be launched later in 2021 post (Hopefully) the Pandemic. 

My last gigs pre COVID were Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers who i briefly met along with Lightening Seeds at Watchet Music Fest

and Hawkwind Live at the Royal Albert hall where i briefly said Hi and a forgettable bye in passing to the Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding who was chatting to a boozed up Hawkwind fan, Fielding looked stoned as he attempted a comical getaway from the star struck drunk. I also saw King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard at Ally Pally only to find out by psychic coincidence afterwards that my old friend Giles Gooden from my time at Bournemouth (In the 90s I had a go at managing his band) is friends with a member!

To my ears Crumbling Castle comes across like Sparks meets some Hawkwind a bit of early fFoyd perhaps and a dash of Kraftwerk. Perhaps also the likes of 1990’s revivalists Kula Shaker spring to mind too. At the Alexandra Palace gig I attended it seemed to become some time travel excursion to the legendary early Syd Barrett Floyd Gigs of 1967 folk law. The crowd attending reminded me a bit of hippies but also the grunge kids of the nineties. It was an amazing Floyd 1967 light show in the very place such gigs went on 50 years ago…

Hugh Cornwell I met after his gig briefly discussing his music so I thought id drop in this classic i saw him perform in Watchet Somerset – Where it is said, S.T Coleridge in 1797 did first imagine the Ancient Mariner in terms of where the poem is set.

I took this on Catalina Island California – in 2020
I took this on my cheap old phone – I swear he nodded at me. Later that day I found an Al Stewart Album by coincidence and it recounted his adventures on Catalina…It seemed very apt. This lucky Stranglers Raven also reminded me of visiting Edgar Allen Poe’s house whilst in the US.

In recent times when the late great KEN RUSSELL’s widow commended my efforts to get the 1970’s biopic of the romantic poets released (which is still unreleased because of a odd copyright ban) it felt like a sign – not least because of Kens amazing music movies on Elgar and The Who- Tommy. TOMMY (Which I remember watching on TV in Hospital after my heart attack lol), seemed apt, as was hearing from Russell’s widow -regarding Kens Coleridge movie -my main writing achievement!). It remains my fave rock opera.

Ken had set his film many years ago in Alfoxden House in Somerset- a fave haunt of mine – which faced complete ruin. My little film i wrote and presented on the house had seen me previously work with RICHARD HILL who allowed me to use his BEN KINGSLEY narrated music IMAGES OF KUBLA KHAN in my campaign movie to save poet COLERIDGE’S Alfoxton house in Somerset from ruin.

Having sung for fun all my life I always had a hidden passion, joining a short lived rock band at College and looking at my training and my voice by singing Bach in choirs. Whilst at Bournemouth Uni I even got a distinction for my book on the History of Political Popular Music from Gaudi Biographer Gijs Van Hensbergen. As a music journalist for a local Arts mag in Bournemouth in the 1990s i met endless famous bands for interviews as i wrote for local mags reviewing everyone from Blur and Pulp to Yes and Ocean Colour Scene to Paul Weller – usually interviewing the bands. When there I even attempted a work placement at REALWORLD WOMAD Studios but didnt quite get in sadly. Whilst at Bournemouth I managed and even did a bit of backing vocals in studio and percussion for Giles Gooden and his band Alfie who had been featured in a national Ad campaign so i had a short stint at managing with mixed results. Giles was witty and talented in a Weller way but also loved the likes of Springsteen and to this day I am surprised he isnt a huge star. Gooden’s drummer had to retire young sadly, Adam Manley. Adam who was the nicest chap ever and to about whom was often the subject of playful jokes from Giles was a friend of Matt Deighton from Mother Earth. He often spoke of getting to know Matt and Weller strictly about music only so Adam was always very interesting so I have included a song from them i saw them play live at that Glastonbury fest I always remember from 94. This sounds EXACTLY how i saw it performed by them. A superb song. That year I also returned to Bridgwater and for my course organized some fundraiser “Rock The Vote” concerts, one featuring Dreadzone at Bridgwater arts centre where Joe Strummer (who lived locally) and the late great George Melly often visited. So hear are a couple more musical links to enjoy. As Bridgwater Art Centre was apparently one of Melly’s fave places i have included his Stranglers collaboration. I would love to know how the recording session went for this track – if only a performance video was around to enjoy this most unlikely of marriages of the humorous Jazz legend and the men in Black.

Though when I met Paul Weller briefly in a pub in Goodge ST around the corner from where he was recording, he was very encouraging as I nervously asked for an autograph…I told him i had done a music industry course but as a wannabe artist my heart wasnt in it as they are all wankers to which he replied “YOU could always be an exception to the rule”. I asked him about the Jam tribute album out at the time and he said he hated it! I asked him about Buffalo Tom’s cover of Going Underground and he winced…Good job i didnt ask him about the Manfred man Earth band version. A very nice moment but he was surrounded by seeming fans or minders but he himself was kind and modest i thought. It seemed strange last year when he recorded On Sunset in California where i was for a long time as its the last place he would have recorded when he was younger. Punk posturing i guess. It was interesting when i was out there seeing how big Dave Mason is from Traffic – so influential to Weller. Steve Winwood (aslo Trajffic) seems to get more airplay back home.

Around that time I also met Roddy Frame of AZTEC CAMERA many times at my local park where I walked dogs and had an interesting series of conversations with him. So as he is such a gent i have to post a fave!

A couple of years earlier when I was on the course in Bournemouth a lady called Katy on my year (who was a bit of a groupie for the Manic Street Preachers and Stiff Little Fingers, the Legendary Irish Punk Band) and she invited me to meet BRUCE FOXTON formerly of The Jam and then with SLF. I shared a pint with him and he seemed far more down on himself than Weller but also very modest…”We werent the BEATLES! He said in a slightly frustrated way as I no doubt looked star struck. I asked him about Paul Weller’s chart topping Stanley Rd album and he replied “Its not much good to me…its Ok I suppose”! As a teenager The Jam were just as important as the Beatles to me. Indeed, they also hold unique record in terms of achievement on a par with the Fabs as far as chart placings are concerned, a little fact i was reminded of during the JAM exhibition i visited – so i have included some snaps from that day including Weller’s guitar.

Barnes in London was an evocative place to live, where Marc Bolan was killed so he tended to be a constant on my headphones while there. Weller and the Jam’s big break was on Marc’s TV show. Music has such interesting connections, like a family tree.

Whilst trying to survive in London I worked in sales at a publisher of Architectural and Design Magazines/events and worked (sadly not in music) with Dominic Masters for a while and met Allan MCGee – OASIS Manager- briefly as he managed Dom’s band the Others. Of course at this rate I have to drop in the fact I also met Hue from a band called the Pooh Sticks in a nightclub one night. I well remember him telling me about a song he wrote called ” “I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well”!!!!!!

At the publisher in question I vaguely remember a colleague who didnt stay long- a rather nice lady , asking whether I might like to meet her struggling friends – college friends called Coldplay. Sadly she quit as the job wasnt for her and i never got to follow up so when i heard the name once again when they made it I thought in the words of Harold Steptoe…”Just my BLEEDIN LUCK”! Back to McGee and Oasis- I well remember meeting Liam Gallagher in Camden Lock by chance in 1995 and shaking his hand while his entourage carried picture frames…eventually used in the Wonderwall Video which I guess was being filmed that day. He asked where I was from staring though Lennon glasses with Owl Like Menace…thats if an Owl can be menacing? We laughed about the piles of shoes that formed a mountain at the Oasis Glasto set Id survived and went our merry way. I asked what was with the picture frames and he replied “He Collects Them!”. I met The Python and Beatles Parody man Rutle- the late Neil Innes – Ex Python and of course he successfully sued Oasis for royalties! Not Long after when I moved to London I rented around the corner from Marc Bolan’s Memorial Tree in a house i swear was haunted by a witch. He was killed there in Barnes in Leafy west London and as a fan of his music i loved walking past every day. By coincidence my old mum was best friends with a lady called Marian Haywoode – Marian was married to Don from 70’s soul band the Fantastics and mum to Haywoode the eighties singer. I speak to her occasionally to this day if her number still works and she well remembers her flatmate in the 70’s – Gloria Jones – wife of Marc Bolan and she of course drove the car that sadly killed him. By totally non connective coincidence whilst at the publisher events company in architecture i worked (and knew Dom from the Others band) i also worked with Julian Deane who is now a successful comedian. By odd coincidence it turned out the aforementioned Marian Haywoode- (mother of “Roses” hit single singer Haywoode and wife to Fantastics soul Jazz legend Don) also owed Julians dad Entertainment DJ promoter Rosco Deane money like she did my old mum! London entertainment is a small world…

As a child i was in school bands performing arts courses and as a small child i was in a Siouxie and the Banchees video via Carona stage schoo (Ray Winstone and Dennis Waterman went to Carona)l. A little known fact is that before he died Marc Bolan had planned to produce the band. I am the tall lanky kid and I well remember her buying me a Coke and the thud of the drums! By odd poignant coincidence many years later when I was struggling selling on a design magazine flogging Ads (All to live in London and do Drama classes at Hammersmith Riverside /Youngblood Theatre and meet musicians) I saw Siouxie and Budgie sitting having a Coffee as I did my office round only to exit looking forward to telling them my story only to see they had vacated! In the words of Harold Steptoe..Just my Bleedin Luck!

My performing arts degree led to a place at Bournemouth Arts university – the top arts school in Europe. I then did a global entertainment music industry course meeting James Wilkinson , short lived member of the BETA BAND whom I nearly started a band with. Sadly we never did due to serious ill health my end and with my mother which led to me retreating from my creative side sadly. Health issues took me away from attempting performing or improving music or acting or poetry recitals, to simply do writing . Back To James Wilkinson -He played trumpet on stage with the BETA band at Glastonbury 2000, BUT as a result i missed some of Bowie! He introduced me to Kenwyn House of REEF and GOLDRAY in Glastonbury a few years ago so here are two tracks in honor as I had a very interesting chat with Kenwyn about how REEF met and supported the ROLLING STONES so I have included yet more tunes here. Keith Richards Came out with an interesting line which I was told as a confidential anecdote of flying he said…””This is the WORK…The MUSIC is the pleasure but one things for sure The only thing about Mick is thats one BITCH I cant divorce!””

Its fun comparing the very Stones influenced Reef and the band they supported. Only a few years earlier I had my picture taken at the front of Weller’s gig at Glastonbury Festival 1994 and found myself on the front cover of THE TIMES National newspaper, only finding out 2 weeks later at the front of Weller’s Phoenix fest gig at all, after I had no ides i had been snapped. I found out when i met a roadie of Weller’s at the front of the crowd who remembered me from 2 weeks earlier and let me know i was on the front cover! Not long after I got a signed letter with the photo from the then fairly unknown Times Photographer, future writer Caitlin Moran. That festival I also met Various Members of INSPIRAL CARPETS who wouldnt remember me from Adam! Also I well remember watching The Prodigy and Keith Flint Jumping into the crowd in front of us as we patted the late great KEITH FLINT on the back. Sarah from Saint Etienne asking me in the crowd after a Pyramid Stage set nervously if she was any good…These are memories that can never be forgotten. Catching The La’s On TV and sending off for 6 weeks to get the first pressing of “There she goes” in 1988…and then 3 years later when the world caught on thinking…at last! I still have the record of course. Liam from Oasis staring down at me through Lennon Rutle man glasses as i scrambled for my shoes in the mud and Glastonbury security pulled me to safety to meeting the man himself by supernatural coincidence 2 weeks later in Camden shaking his hand as he filmed Wonderwall…What inspiration music brings whether great festival memories or picking up Rare grooves.

But returning to the Beta Band – It was an amazing performance by my then flat mate James and worth it as we then rushed over from his performance to Bowie’s with spliffs in hand…James is now a hypnotist of some repute having retired from Trumpet due to health. Around 2000 I then somehow through an old Bournemouth contact in Dance music called Sean O Kelly met Matt of Levitation. O’Kelly was at Bournemouth Uni and his father created the very odd 1970’s children’s animation “Dr Snuggles”. (However it had a superb Trippy feel as a show) Through Sean I met Organist Matt Sheath who had been in the band LEVITATION and he introduced me to Bic of DARK STAR – A very Radiohead influenced band. Matts band had Camden based small gigs attended by enthusiastic but small audience more akin to busking, all with a Kinks style stranglers feel. His band seemed a terrible waste when there is so much sub par stuff that sells, I still think there is more talent busking on the London Underground often than whats in the charts. Through James I also then met Esther Hopkins (Who studied at royal college of music with the grand daughter of 1930’s Classical Music Electronic Music Pioneer Olivier Messiaen) and pianist Graeme Thewlis (Pet Shop Boys Musical pianist). Thewliss is a Ralph Vaughan Williams obsessive and quite brilliant classical and Jazz, blues pop pianist. Think a cross between Richard Stilgoe and Elton John. An acquire taste – but fun. I once watched him dance like a whirling dervish in a night club – get thrown out – and still with a hangover play BACH organ at 9 am at church!!!! It brings to mind the STRANGLERS “Duchess” video! So the hilarious video in Graeme’s honor would be duly posted but its not on youtube so the song and pic is here instead. Graeme plays a mean Harpsichord as does Dave Greenfield on Duchess. I may have briefly met Hugh but i never met the band though I saw them live in 04 at Shepherds Bush Empiire (Steptoe land!). Do excuse my excuse for some “West End Girls” via my old chum Graeme “Bo Selecta” Thewlis! (Graeme did play piano for them on their west end hit musical mainly for auditions and rehearsals )

i used to jam with someone who played with both Dave Gilmour and Syd Barrett – Mike Tinsley from Bridgwater- he was married to the late local Artist Bernadette who painted the picture on my blog used here.  My other Floyd connection is from my sound engineer friend Keiran Walsh who knows Gilmour personally and one morning they were on Brighton Beach and Dave was playing for Keiran a riff from “Wish you were here” only for some kid to shout “that sounds like Pink Floyd” to which Dave replied – “I AM PINK FLOYD”! During my worse boozing I once sang Arnold Layne so loudly whilst on headphones at midnight along Hammersmith Embankment that a girl stopped me and told me to ditch the day job and become a singer! It didnt happen for various health reasons, not least my own Embarrassment…Incidentally I enjoyed two magnificent immersive exhibitions as only two of a kind – one for Bowie and a few years later the Floyd, at the Victorian and Albert Museum with original sets, clothes, instruments, lyrics memorabilia ect…I well remember the Bowie exhibition before I walked down the road to the Beethoven Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.  

I am a fan of David Bowie along with Weller – I never met him- despite me being backstage at Glasto 2000 but i did meet his publicist JayJay Epega and various people who met him so i have included a classic that as a London Boy myself and as i was a budding Mod as a teen with the same Weller style haircut Bowie has here. I am always going to be proud of the fact that despite everyone telling me to hate the style council – that Weller would rise. So when he could not get a record deal – pre internet- I picked up via an NME advert an amazing fanzine called “Boys About Town”. which kept Loyal JAM /Council fans like me in touch with Weller’s plans so as a result I even had correspondence with David Lodge- the writer of the blog but sadly since he fell out with Weller and hasnt been heard of since! I met The legendary Council drummer briefly after a Stanley Rd tour gig so I have included a superb album featuring Weller and fellow Councillor Mick Talbot. I have also included my upload of a rarity from Weller’s JAM drummer Rick Buckler. I created from nothing a wikipedia page in tribute to the singer on the JAM drummer Rick’s track- Jimmy Edwards – which earned me a thank you from a personal friend of his.

As a music mad young man I was featured at Glastonbury Festival 1994 at a weller gig on the cover of the Times which seems very funny to me now, salvaging signed set lists and drumsticks as well as sharing a beer with many a legend. I performed at Beautiful Days Music and Poetry festival in Devon in 2012. With my own “Lyrical Ballad” – The Ancient Sea Turtle. Currently Composer Esther Hopkins is setting my words with me to Music. lWhen growing up in London Joe Strummer was a neighbor and i never knew.  Strangely he moved to the exact same area hundreds of miles away by coincidence in Coleridge country in Somerset 30 years on yet i never knew until after I missed what nobody knew was his last gig in my local town – as he then died…and I never saw him live…as Steptoe would say  “Just my Bleedin Luck!!”  However, when at the Beautiful Days fest years later I did perform along with Big Audio Dynamite and got a nice albeit shy conversation with Leo Williams.    

While I was working in design events out in the USA i visited many music haunts such as the Philadelphia studios that all the soul greats used as well as jazz venues but best of all the Whisky A’ GoGo where an old heavy metal mad cricket Aussie chum of mine (yes you guessed it…called Brett!) used to drink all the time with Lemmy from Motorhead.

“The Frost performs its Secret Ministry..”