Who am I?

Hard to say!  But you have to start somewhere…

Music is huge in my life both as enthusiast and critic but also as a budding singer who dabbles as a musician.  Drama, acting film books poetry lyric writing and novels as well as all things arty drive my work…I dabble all the time in various creative outlets if health permits.   I have even tried all manner of presenting and writing being featured on the BBC.  All a surprise to me, and fun.  My old mum was a psychic, but other than an uncanny knack of picking up records in a bargain box in California that seemed to magic up UK only limited editions only known to me alarmingly regularly with personal significance, I have little proof of being Psychic Myself. Though below is my fave ever ghost documentary which very much fits my palmist grans obsessions with the supernatural, which in turn influenced my thriller books. I also grew up in London and used the underground regularly and I well remember the stories of my old mums spiritualist friends to do with old London haunts so all things spooky resonate though my writings whether literary or musical.  

I grew up off the Harrow Rd in London in Caribbean culture and have always loved west indies music and cricket as I enjoyed many a Notting Hill Carnival Growing up.  I was always a bigger fan of the Jam but the Clash lived locally and Strummer also lived near me years later yet still never saw him live.   

My tiny family (despite health issues for us all) moved to a beautiful village – Nether Stowey, which is famous for the poet Coleridge.  I loved the literary links in Portobello Road where I grew up in London hearing local music and walking past George Orwell’s house most days.  An old historian I once knew – David Worthy – who was a neighbor, highlighted to me the fact that a Music exhibition on Cecil Sharp at Museum of Somerset reveals a picture of the house I live in and a picture of James Chedgey like a ghost from 1909 at my unchanged back door.  Sharp notated his famous song “On No John No” according to Worthy as he lived in this very house!  He was unique for Even making early musical recordings in obscure country houses of rustic folk musicians to be often stolen by the likes of Bartok ect…Not only was his work invaluable in saving music for the world that might be lost but also its an early example of musical recordings of ordinary people.  It is A nice musical connection to inspire my own little Coleridgean inspired Lyrical Ballads..

I am from Somerset in the UK, but grew up in Paddington, West London. I volunteered doing tours  at the home of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge for ten years whilst here in Somerset to help to try to save it.  I performed on the poet Coleridge at the Beautiful days festival in Devon in 2011.  I trained as an actor with Youngblood theatre company, Hammersmith and acted with various household names pre fame.  As a child I was at Carona Stage school, which led to work as a six year old in a Siousxie and the Banchees video! I studied Arts events at the Arts University College, Bournemouth, which has a world famous reputation of renowned writers/musicians and from its film school. Whilst there i was taught by Architecture Gaudi biographer Gijs Van Hensbergen who gave me a distinction for my Dissertation on Political Popular Music. 

Rest assured a more colorful artistic endeavor is on the way – I am working with an interesting composer on a series of Music projects using my vocals for singing, spoken word as well as my songs and poems set to music by myself and Esther Hopkins- at least thats the plan.  To begin with the “Ancient Sea Turtle”.  Hence the music focus.   These are a few highlights but browse the blog to get my ideas and story.  



I took the above Poe inspired pics on Catalina Island California during summer 2020, where for a few lessons I met Gary Bruno – Dave Mason of TRAFFIC’s second guitarist. 

Below are some writing interviews I did many years ago with the BBC it is more on me and my writing hobbies all very dated now but perhaps of interest .  The are also various strangely connected musical fragments with no seeming connection other than being personal to me.  Hope you find something to enjoy. I include the Clash due to my double whammy “so near yet so far” story of woe!!!

Please donate to this cause close to my heart. 



Saw this Poe like friend and managed to capture him…
Though ive visited it I was nowhere near Edgar Allen Poe’s house when i took this but it was a hint of the gothic whilst on my travels in California during the pandemic using my old phone in 2020.

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